SAT Tutor in Dubai

SAT Tutor in Dubai

I am an experienced SAT tutor in Dubai who will arrange SAT classes in Dubai for you to help your SAT preparation in Dubai.

I will help you in achieving high scores in SAT Math and SAT Physics exam. You will be able to prepare for SAT subject test from my SAT classes in Dubai.

sat classes in dubai

I have firm grip on the concepts related to general SAT Math exam that includes calculator and non-calculator sections. I explain my student all the essential concepts first then do them exam related questions with them.

Once done with that my students do the independent practice papers questions.

In this way they are able to score highest marks in their exam and thanks me at the end.

I am a proficient private tutor in Dubai with over ten years of experience to tackle the students of SAT Math and Physics.

I also have recorded several video lectures for the sake of trial. These video lectures will be provided on request.