Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Shehroz Ahmad and I am an experienced private tutor in Dubai. I have been teaching for past ten years and I am responsible for the success of a lot of students. By doing private tuition in Dubai, I have taught a lot of students who scored highest grades in their subjects and reached some of the top notch universities of the world.

What I teach being a Private Tutor in Dubai?

I work as a home tutor in Dubai and teach the subjects related to Science, Math and IT. They include Physics, Math, Chemistry, SAT Math, SAT Physics, Information Communication and Technology, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Computer and Logic Design and other subjects related to engineering. I have exceptional record of being an SAT tutor in Dubai.

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What Assistance I provide being a Private Tutor in Dubai?

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I am doing private tutoring in Dubai and also as a Physics tutor in Dubai to help the students in their competitive or admission exams including SAT preparation in Dubai, PSAT, SAT, UCAT, GMAT, GRE and other admission exams. Moreover, my Dubai tuition private lessons have also helped my students in doing their assignments and quizzes. If a student has an upcoming exam or quiz and he is not well prepared for that then I can assist him to get through his/her exam. In doing so my success rate is mostly above ninety-percent. My SAT classes in Dubai have proven to be very efficient in terms of my student’s scores.

I have also recorded a series of lectures for SAT classes in Dubai that will help the students to solve the exam questions. The links for the videos will be provided on request.

What Curriculum Do I teach being a Home Tutor in Dubai?

While doing private tuition in Dubai and online tutoring Dubai, I have taught Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and ICT to the students having curriculum of  IGCSE, GCSE, AS/A Level, International A Level, UK National Curriculum, Common Core USA, AP, IB DP, IB MYP, EYFS, UAE MoE, SAT Math, SAT Physics, SABIS and other Australian and Canadian Curriculums.

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What Exam Boards Do I teach?

I also teach Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and ICT to the students of several exam boards including CAIE, AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and WJEC. I can fulfill my duties being a private math tutor Dubai in a very responsible manner.

Which Schools’s Students I have Taught?

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I am well aware about the specification of these curriculums and exam boards, and the SAT classes in Dubai so whatever I teach I do not let my student  go off track by studying useless stuff. Being a private tutor in dubai I have vast experience of giving Maths tuition in Dubai and other mentioned subjects to the students of some of the top notch schools of Dubai including GEMS Metropole, GEMS First Point, GEMS founders, GEMS Westminster, Repton, Dubai English Speaking College, Nord Anglia, Safa Community School, Emirates International School, International School of Choueifat and many other top British and American curriculum schools.

Assignment and Exam Help for University Students

I do private tutoring in Dubai for my university students as well especially the ones with engineering subjects. I have helped a lot of students being their private math tutor Dubai over the years in their assignments exams and quizzes to get them high grades. My success percentage for university students lie between eighty-five to ninety-five percent on average.

I have given Maths tuition in Dubai and other subjects to my students from the universities including United Arab Emirate University (UAEU), American University in Dubai, Canadian University Dubai, Zayed University, Higher College of Technologies (HCT), Zayed University and other well reputed universities. I usually help them in Math, Engineering and IT subjects.

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Methodology of Teaching Being a Private Tutor in Dubai

Now the question arises about the methodology that I adopt while working as a home tutor in Dubai. So I have explained my methodology in detail below

  • In private tutoring and being worked as a private math tutor Dubai I have observed that all the students are different, we do not have one stop solution for all the students. So first of all I assess my student by doing a short assessment of a couple of questions. In that way I get the idea and capability of my student.
  • Some of the students are slow learner and some are quick learner, although both of them could make different types of mistakes so I categorize them being slow or rapid learners.
  • After that I formulate a strategy for my student to make him/her learn in a most optimum way. If a student is very slow learner then he/she might waste time doing procrastination and if he/she is a quick learner then the chances of mistakes also increases as he/she will overlook the details of their solutions. So I devise a strategy that is in favor of both.
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  • Once done with the strategy part, I explain my student the concept in the most easiest and efficient way possible. I do not mention the points that are out of the scope of the specifications and try to make the complex concepts as easy as possible.
  • After explaining a particular concept, I jump on to solving the exam related problems. So I initiate that process by solving some of the problems by myself and make sure that my student understands all the steps.
  • Now it’s the student’s turn to solve some exam related questions but at this stage I help him/her to work out the solution of any given problem. So that’s a guided exercise.
  • Till the stage of guided exercise most of my students get the concept and able to solve the questions independently. So they start doing their job and do the questions independently.

So this is the whole process by which I teach my student to learn a concept and that’s why an experienced home tutor required in Dubai proves to be beneficial for the students.

What Resources I Provide Being a Private Tutor in Dubai?

After several years of doing private tuition in Dubai, I have collected a lot of worksheets available that I use to test my student’s concept once they are done with the independent exercise. So I provide those worksheets to them which help them to practice.

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Resources for Exam Related topic Questions

Being a Physics tutor in Dubai and other subjects, it is my responsibility that I have resources available for the topic questions that came in the past papers. So let suppose we are working on a particular topic and we want to see the real exams questions, so I use my resources for those topic related past paper questions to make my students practice the real exam related questions.

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Resources for Past Papers Practice

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Once my student completes the whole course then it is the time for him to practice the full length past papers. In order to do that I provide full length past papers and my student answer them. Once they are done, I mark them and point out the mistakes that are done. We keep on practicing the past papers until the student consistency scores above ninety percent. In order to attain such level of perfection a home tutor required in Dubai is a must.

Tips and Tricks for Answering Questions

The questions in the past papers are not just straight forward so my Dubai tuition private lessons help my students to identify the complexity and teach them the tricks and tactics to solve such complex questions. Such questions carry high marks that make the difference in a brilliant and an average student.

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Mental Strategies to Adopt During Exam

While doing the exam, a student mental strength is also examined. So I teach my students the strategies to be mentally strong and keep the control of the situation at all times and do not panic during the exam especially in Math. Due to which I am considered as the best maths tutor in Dubai.

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How to Guess Correct Anwers?

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There comes a time in an exam when a student does not have any clue of the question. Being an SAT tutor in Dubai I advice my students that if he/she lefts the question blank then obviously they will not get any mark but if they just guess the answer and use some logic then there is a chance that they could grab some marks. In order to equip them with that skill I teach my students the art of intelligent guess in order to answer any question close to being correct.

Useful Links For Resources

Being a home tutor in Dubai and having vast expertise of online tutoring Dubai, I would like to mention some of the websites that I use to get the resources including worksheets and past papers for my students.

To get IGCSE, GCSE, AS/A Level, International A Level you can refer to the following websites

Physics and Math Tutor

Save My Exam

To get the resources related to IB refer to the following websites

To get the worksheet related to Mathematics refer to the following websites

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Where I do Private Tutoring in Dubai?

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Alright so that was all about my teaching methodology. Now I will let you the the venues where I do private tutoring in Dubai.

How I do Online Tutoring Dubai?

I teach my students online over Zoom or Google Meet whichever is suitable for my students. I share the resources over these platforms or I send them directly through the email. I use writing pad to write on the screen to explain the concepts to my students. The students can also use their writing pads to point out on screen the concept that they do not get.

How I Teach on Zoom or Google Meet?

For example, if I have to explain a certain question to my students then I open that particular question on my screen and share the screen. Then I use my writing tool to write on the screen. In this way an interactive session takes place that helps my students to solve their problems. This technique helps a lot while working with a Physics tutor in Dubai to understand Physics concepts.

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How I do Private Tutoring in Dubai on Physical Locations?

I can also teach my students by doing home tuition in Dubai at their homes, coffee shop, office, or in a hotel if they are staying there. Moreover, if a student is on a yacht then I can also go there to teach. In that case, they will provide the transportation in form of boat.

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How I teach my Students on Island?

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If my student lives on an island, I can also go there for the private lessons and in that case transportation will be provided by the students. If my student needs my assistance for longer period of time then they arrange accommodation as well that usually is not a big deal.

Private Tutoring Abroad

There happens some scenarios where my students are travelling and I have to travel with them for their personal assistance. In that case, they arrange all the liabilities of my travel and living expenses. So if there is an important exam coming up and my student is travelling then I stay with him/her to help in order to secure high grades in the exam. So they consider me the best Maths tutor in Dubai

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What Areas of Dubai I Teach?

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I usually provide in person Dubai tuition private lessons in the areas including Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Living, Umm e Suqeim, Jumeirah Islands, Springs, Al Barari, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubailand, Emaar Hills, Damac Hills, Al Barsha, and all other areas of Dubai.

When I am Available for Private Tutoring in Dubai?

Now let me tell you about my timings when I am available to do home tuition in Dubai. I am usually available seven days a week except my vacations. My tutoring timing starts from 8 AM in the morning and lasts till 11 PM at night.

How To Book/Reschedule A Lesson With Me?

In order to book a lesson with me my students inform me a couple of days before so I arrange a suitable time slot for them. In case a student needs to cancel a lesson with me then he/she has to inform me 24 hours earlier so I could manage my schedule accordingly. If a student does not cancel the lesson 24 hours before then they have to pay the fifty percent of the lesson fee. So I strongly advice my students to inform me well before in case of any change in plans.

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Home Tuition Fees in Dubai

Now let’s talk about the home tuition fees in Dubai that I charge being a private tutor in Dubai. The fee for the private tutoring depends on several factors that includes grade, curriculum, online/offline, one to one or group lessons, and location.

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So these are the factors on which my hourly rate depends on. So let me explain step by step by giving a few examples.

  • I charge 150 AED per hour for student till grade 10 for an online tutoring Dubai lesson. If it is a group lesson with 3 students in a group then I charge only 80 AED per hour.
  • I charge 200 AED per hour for a student till grade 10 for in person lesson. Similarly if it is a group then I charge 100 AED per hour per student with maximum three students in a group.
  • I charge 180 AED per hour for student of grade 11 and 12 for an online lesson and 100 AED per hour per person in an online group lesson with maximum three students in a group.
  • I charge 230 AED per hour for the student of grade 11 and 12 for in person lesson a and it reduces to 120 AED per hour person in a group lesson with maximum three students in a group.
  • If a student requires me on urgent basis then the fee will be a bit more as I have to prioritize him/her over other students. So in that case I charge 300 AED per hour for online assistance and 350 AED per hour for in person assistance.

How the Private Tutoring Fee Increase or Decrease?

These are just the examples that I have given about my home tuition fees in Dubai although they are not fixed for home tuition in Dubai. If a student buys more number of hours per week then fee per hour will be reduced. So it all depends on the number of hours you buy. I also provide my services to other gulf countries through online tutoring Middle East.

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Why I do Private Tutoring in Dubai?

Now in the end, I would like to highlight WHY I teach? So there are several reasons that contribute to my answer and due to which most of the parents urges for a home tutor required in Dubai

What I Receive as A Home Tutor in Dubai?

First of all teaching increases a sense of fulfillment in my life. When I see that my student has learned something new I get a feeling of accomplishment, so it is more of self satisfaction aspect. Moreover, by tutoring,  I do not only share my knowledge but in the same process I come to learn a lot of new concepts that help me to increase my knowledge and mental capacity.

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What Keeps me Moving?

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I enjoy doing online tutoring Middle East when I add value in people’s life by contributing to their knowledge and skills. Being a teacher I have received a lot of respect from not only from my students but also from their parents and family members. I have made a lot of valuable contacts that was not possible without tutoring.

What’s More?

I also teach because I like to solve people’s problems. So whenever I solve any problem for my student it gives me a dopamine release that keeps me motivating and moving forward. Now last but not the least, teaching helps me support myself financially and I am very contended by my profession and love to pursue it forever.

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I would like to share some of the feedback that I got from my students in return for their help in achieving great results

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In the end, I would like to say that if you want to avail my tutoring services in Dubai. You can contact me by clicking here.